National Geographic's - Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

National Geographic's - Limitless with Chris Hemsworth

After three years in the making Limitless with Chris Hemsworth is now streaming on National Geographic channel via Disney+. It was a defining moment in Craig's career to work along such a high calibre production crew from Nutopia-Protozoa and National Geographic.

Pictured: Chris and Craig walk and chat about their crazy experience in the Norwegian surf.

'Working alongside Chris Hemsworth on the production was an honour and incredible experience for me' said Craig. 'I was regularly pushed outside my comfort zone, from the freezing cold waters of Norway to dangling off a crane 240m above Sydney.' 

Pictured: The Limitless team in Norway.

Craig joined the production in early 2020 at Heron Island Australia where Chris was put through his paces after a three day fast. Craig said, 'It was incredible to see Chris' mind move into self preservation with thoughts/memories of sentimental episodes and the people in his life. It was as if his mind and body were in negotiations of life and death with his subconscious. I have never seen someone devour so much food - he was relieved after that fast was over!'

Pictured: Chris talks acceptance in Sydney.
Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

Pictured: Chris being hammered by extreme heat at the Sydney fire fighting academy.
Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

Pictured: Chris is about to break his fast with his first ever spearfish hunt.
Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

Lofoton in Norway was the next port of call for the team in March 2020. It was Craig's first time photographing surfers in these sub freezing conditions and with a 6 degree celsius ocean temperature Craig had his work cut out for him.

Craig spent two hours swimming and photographing Chris and Mick Fanning, battling the icy rain and 30 knot winds, plus the constant kelp wrapping around his legs after each duck dive. He was exhausted but exhilarated at the same time from the once in a lifetime experience.

The next challenge in this land of fjords and epic landscapes was to battle the absolute freezing glacier and snow melt that fill the Fjords - this was 2 degrees celsius and makes your skin burn. Craig was fortunate to have a custom wetsuit from Patagonia which made this feat possible. Waiting for production to get organised Chris was off and Craig was getting technically ready to capture a split second moment, using his 12inch dome port and wide angle lens from Sony. Craig snapped this frame to wrap up his favourite episode of the Limitless series.

Craig says, 'There are only a handful of times in your career you can say I am happy and content that I have done the best I can - for me this is one of them. This could be the best moment in my career and I have to pinch myself to remember it is real!'

Pictured: Chris preparing for his swim in 3 degree celsius water in Norway.
Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

Pictured: Chris and Dr Peter Attia talk about the benefits of extreme heat on the body.
Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

Craig and the team wrapped up just in time - with COVID spreading throughout the world lockdown in Australia was literally days away. This lead to a six month hiatus as the production was required to adapt to the new and unexpected circumstances. 

Pictured: Chris taking on the Norwegian surf.
Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

In September 2020 Australia had become almost COVID free bubble which worked perfectly for the team who were able to commence a side project with Chris called Shark Beach. 

Finally, after a few outbreaks and lockdowns, Craig was back photographing the final episodes of Limitless in Sydney and the NSW tablelands under strict medical supervision.

Craig says, 'It feels worlds away now. There is a quote from Ralph Emerson which I feel sums up the entire experience of working on this profound and timeless documentary: 'It's the not the destination, It's the journey'.

Pictured: Chris hiking through the NSW tablelands. Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

Pictured: Chris and Otis relax after a gruelling hike. Image credit: Craig Parry Photography.

Craig headed to New York in November 2022 with the team for the National Geographic's 'yellow carpet' premier of the six part series at The Lincoln theatre.

Pictured: Craig and Kate Parry enjoying a well deserved premier at the Lincoln Theatre, New York.