What’s In My Bag: Craig Parry’s Aerial Landscape Underwater Equipment
Craig Parry sat down with the team at Sony’s Alpha Universe to discuss what equipment he uses to capture his stunning Aerial, Landscape and Underwater photographs.
Mastering the Art of Editing
Editing your photographs is an art in itself. Technical and challenging, the process provides an opportunity to reimagine your images to align with your style and brand. It is an individual and very personal process, however learning a few simple tricks can have a great impact.
The Beauty of Botswana – Africa Photography Workshop
Interested in an Africa Photography Workshop? This is something we do! Craig Parry Photography conducts photography workshops in Africa every second year. 
Tonga Humpback Whale Photography Workshop – What to Expect
Each Whale Photography Workshop with Craig Parry is designed to deliver the perfect balance of practical photographic and editing tuition alongside an unforgettable life experience. 
Byron Bay’s Best Beaches 2023
Nestled in a little pocket of far north-eastern NSW, Australia, Byron Bay is a perfect piece of paradise. Bordered by rich, green hinterland to one side and the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean on the other, it is a destination which boasts a multitude of spots to...
Getting Started in Aerial Photography
How do I get started in aerial photography?  In an attempt to provide some insight I thought I’d share my journey and some tips on where to start. Aerial imagery captured using drone technology is a passion of mine and has been for over a decade now. 
Craig's favourite images from 2022
From the skies to the sea here are our Top 10 nature images for 2018. Each moment was snapped by Craig as he ventured out into the world in search of scenes and subjects depicting the incredible diversity which surrounds us.
Migaloo + Milo
Migaloo and Milo Along the east coast of Australia it’s that time of the year again. Not only is there a daily abundance of whales cruising our shorelines but we’ve all gone a little mad in anticipation of this guy – MIGALOO. 
Sydney Opera House Projection
Sydney Opera House Projection – Last night Migaloo lit up an iconic landmark to launch World Oceans Day.  Driven by CollaborOCEANS, the ‘KINGDOM OF CORAL’ initiative saw me invited to join forces with respected marine conservationists and artists to celebrate exhibition patron Valerie Taylor.
Whale Watching in Byron Bay
Whale watching in Byron Bay is something every nature lover needs to experience. Spotting the ocean’s gentle giants as they play against the magnificent backdrop of one of the world’s most pristine marine parks is something you’ll remember for a lifetime.
Minke Whale Photography Expedition
Cameras and wetsuits at the ready…the underwater world awaits. Join world renowned ocean photographer and nature photographer Craig Parry on an exciting Minke Whale Photography Expedition on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – the only place in Australia where these majestic whales can be experienced underwater.
Lady Elliot Island, a Small Slice of Paradise
Lady Elliot Island is the actual living definition of natural beauty. Abundant with wildlife, entirely eco-centred and relatively off the grid. It is a destination rich with opportunities to connect with nature and truly unwind.
Order Your Artwork Online
Order your artwork online and let us take care of the rest. With our easy, reliable and safe ordering and payment system you are just a few short clicks away from having your own piece of paradise hanging on the wall. 
Free Zoom Backgrounds
Free Zoom backgrounds. Get around them and call from where you’d rather be. Working from home. Flexi work places. Pivoting. Flattening. #stayathome. Times are a-changing and all I know is that things are definitely different.
Aerial Techniques for Ocean Photography
Back in 2013, Craig met with The Australian to discus his innovative aerial techniques for surf photography and how the whole artistic process evolved. 
More about Migaloo
If you have visited us here at the Craig Parry Gallery in sunny Byron Bay you will have seen our stunning award winning photo of Migaloo. But who is Migaloo and why is he so adored?
Meeting Migaloo – The Story Behind the Images
On Tuesday morning Migaloo, the white whale, made his much anticipated migration up the east coast of Australia past Byron Bay. For a nature photographer moments like these make all the long days and missed moments worthwhile – patience really does pay!
National Geographic's - Limitless with Chris Hemsworth
    After 3 years in the making Limitless with Chris Hemsworth is now streaming on National Geographic channel via Disney+. It was a defining moment in Craig's career to work along such a high calibre production crew from Nutopia-Protozoa...
All About Ocean Photographer Craig Parry
Being an ocean photographer was always a life dream for Craig Parry. One which he was fortunate to turn into a full time profession at an early age. Now the ocean, wildlife and adventure photographer can be found travelling the world seeking...