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Premium Box Frames | Enhance your artwork presentation

Craig Parry Photography Premium Box Frame


A premium box frame is an excellent way to showcase your artwork or photographs with a professional touch. At Craig Parry Photography, we specialise in creating high-quality box frames made of timber with an acrylic glass front. Our frames offer a more durable finish than traditional glass frames and are lighter to hang. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of premium box frames and showcase the two standard finishes we offer.

 At Craig Parry Photography, our frames are made of high-quality timber with an acrylic glass front, offering a more durable finish which is lighter to hang than traditional glass finishes. The image is set back in the frame using spacers to increase longevity.

 The deep box design of a premium box frame creates a three-dimensional effect, making the artwork appear to be suspended in the frame. At Craig Parry Photography, we also offer a signature style where the image runs the full surface area of the frame for maximum impact. The result is a striking and dynamic look that draws the viewer's eye to the artwork and enhances its overall impact.

 Premium box frames are a great choice at an affordable price point, as they easily add an extra level of sophistication to the presentation of the artwork and your home of office. 

 Our signature style is to run the image the full surface area of the frame for maximum impact (edge to edge), however borders can also be added to the artwork if requested. 

Don't forget to check out our Premium Box Frame video to see our frames in action.

 Types of premium box frames 

At Craig Parry Photography we offer two standard finishes. These are:

  1. Raw - a natural look, created using high quality Tasmanian Oak. Note that whilst similar, no two frames will be identical in this finish. 
  2. White - clean and fresh, our white frames are a versatile option and well suited to any image. 

We can also offer black or other finishes upon request.

 Anything is possible

We hope this post has inspired you to consider a premium box frame for your artwork or photographs. If you have any questions or would like to request a custom finish, please get in touch with us at Craig Parry Photography.