craig parry finalist head on photography bondi beach

Craig Parry exhibits at Bondi Beach as finalist for Head On Photo Festival

craig parry head on photography finalist bondi beach   craig parry head on photography finalist bondi beach  craig parry head on photography finalist bondi beach.   craig parry head on photography finalist bondi beach   

Bondi Beach, known for its golden sands and vibrant energy, recently underwent a transformation as it becomes the canvas for the renowned Head On Photo Festival. Displayed along the length of the famous promenade were images from the competition's finalists, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a visual odyssey that explores the human experience.

I was proud to have a series of my black and white nature images take centre stage as part of this activation and to be featured as a finalist in the competition. 

The Australian Ocean, photography by Craig Parry

On display along Bondi's beachfront promenade were 10 of my black and white images, a series titled The Australian Ocean. The collection contained photographs of the natural world spanning the past decade and speaks to my hopes to inspire and encourage a connection to nature through photography.

I believe animal portraiture is significant for conservation as it enables people to understand and appreciate the unique beauty, characteristics and behaviour of our wildlife. By raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect endangered species, their habitat, and ecosystems, animal portraits serve as a powerful tool for environmental education, advocacy, research and field studies. Inspiring people to take action in favour of better environmental policy.

Overall, it is vital in increasing public interest, fostering empathy and promoting responsibility towards the natural world. Bondi Beach was the perfect backdrop for this. 

About Head On Photo Festival

Head On Photo Festival is an international annual photography festival based in Sydney, showing emerging and established photo artists under the premise that all photo-artists deserve a fair chance to show their work.