Aerial image of Migaloo lights up Sydney Opera House
Delighted to get a shout out from the team at ‘The Daily Telegraph’ for my recent involvement with CollaborOCEANS.
Dwarf Minke, Big Questions
The known is dwarfed by the unknown when it comes to Dwarf Minke whales, a subspecies recognised only relatively recently.
Mysterious White Whale Makes Appearance off Byron Bay
Back in July of 2016, a breath-taking white whale made a spectacular appearance off the coast of Byron Bay and Craig Parry was there to capture the scene in all it’s glory
Craig Parry, the man who took a whale selfie talks with Gizmodo
Keen to find out more about that infamous Craig Parry whale selfie? what makes me tick? Where I get my inspiration from and what challenges me professionally?
Craig Parry Takes Out Top International Award for Aerial Bushfire Photo
The aerial bushfire photo was taken using a remote-controlled camera mounted under a hexacopter after aerial water bombing quelled the flames.
How to Photograph a Giant Humpback Whale: ‘Emergence’ Featured in WIRED
Humpback Whale photographs are the speciality of nature photographer Craig Parry. Craig Parry sat down with Wired to find out how to Photograph a Giant Humpback Whale. 
The Secret to a Great Image
A native of Byron Bay on the coastline of Northern NSW, it was his parents’ gift of a disposable waterproof camera at five years old that set Craig Parry on the path to becoming one of our finest underwater photographers.
Photographer wins international recognition for amazing Migaloo shot off Australian coast
A stunning photograph of Migaloo making his way up the eastern Australian coast has snagged a Byron Bay photographer a prestigious international award. It is the first ever underwater photograph of Migaloo.
Rare underwater photo of white humpback whale Migaloo beats 10,000 entries in comp
Capturing the first ever rare Underwater photograph of Migaloo, nature photographer Craig Parry recently took out top honours at the prestigious ‘Golden Turtle International Photography Competition’ in Moscow.