London Times publishes 'Emergence'

London Times publishes 'Emergence'

The London Times has published Emergence, sharing the inspiring image recently captured by Craig Parry Photography on assignment in Tonga, with a global audience. The unique split shot shows the moment a female humpback whale spy hops as she plays for the camera.

In late 2014, Craig followed the Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) as they migrated through the waters of the Kingdom of Tonga, in the South Pacific Ocean. The aim was to take a series of unique portraits and images and the result has done just that.

In one life changing photo session Craig spent over three hours free diving with two bulls (males) and one cow (female). Their inquisitive nature led each humpback whale to spend time welcoming him into their world as they playfully put on a show for the camera. The trio even took turns pushing Craig towards the boat when he was getting tired.

“It is difficult to explain the power of such an experience,” said Craig. “Humbling, awe inspiring and overwhelming are just three phrases which spring immediately to mind. In the short time these magnificent creatures welcomed me into their world, I gained a deeper appreciation for their intelligence and gentle nature”.

Now thanks to Craig’s incredible talent, people around the world can also experience these awe inspiring moments.

Emergence can be purchased HERE.