How to decorate your home with ocean-inspired photographic prints

How to decorate your home with ocean-inspired photographic prints


Decorating your home with ocean-inspired photographic prints is an easy way to transform your space into an idyllic oasis. From colour to composition, framing and orientation, consider these expert tips which will have you purchasing ocean artwork like the most discerning interior designer in no time!

1. Choose a colour scheme

The ocean has a myriad of colours, so when considering ocean wall art pick a colour scheme that you want to incorporate into your decor. Blues and greens are popular choices, but you can also choose warmer hues like oranges and yellows to complement the oceanic theme. Your choice will ultimately depend upon what 'feel' you'd like the space to have.

Blue hues are often associated with calming and relaxing vibes. With a wide range of shades, and depending on which hue is selected, it is a colour which can shift the mood of the room. A darker blue will give a more reserved and natural atmosphere whereas lighter blues can be good if you would like to create a serene space. 

Greens are thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings and can be readily found in ocean artwork.

Oranges which can readily feature in sunset and sunrise ocean photographs are a warm and welcoming colour. 

2. Select the right ocean photographs

Once you have a colour scheme in mind, start selecting the ocean photographs that you want to use. Look for images that capture the essence of the ocean, such as beachscapes, waves and marine life. Go with your gut on this one - artwork is an investment and should be a reflection of your personal taste and choice.

3. Consider framing

To elevate the look of your ocean prints, consider your framing options. Simple wooden or white frames or frameless acrylic - spend some time considering what would look best in your space. It would be wise to match the overall decor of your space or other existing pieces you may own.

4. Create a gallery or feature wall with your ocean art

If you have multiple ocean-inspired prints, consider creating a ocean gallery or feature wall. Mix and match different sizes and styles of frames to create a visually interesting display. Alternatively, if you're looking to keep it simple, consider investing in a single, impactful large format artwork.

5. Experiment with different orientations

Most prints tend to be horizontal, but experiment with different orientations. Vertical prints can elongate a space, while square prints can add symmetry to a room. We offer many of our artworks as either horizontal or vertical options, and always welcome the opportunity for a challenge - don't be afraid to ask! 

6. Play with textures

To add dimension to your decor, choose prints that have texture or a tactile quality. For example, close-up wave photographs or beach themed art can add visual interest to a room.

Overall, decorating with ocean-inspired photographic prints is a great way to bring the calming and peaceful feel of the ocean into your home.

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