Acrylic Float Frame in white finish with Craig Parry ocean photography print

Enhance your artwork with Acrylic Float Frames

Acrylic Float Frame

An Acrylic Float Frame is essentially an Acrylic Wall Mount, floating in a frame.

Unlike traditional frames that completely surround the artwork, float frames leave a space between the artwork and the frame, creating the illusion that the artwork is suspended within the frame.

Acrylic Float Frames are a great style that complements the clean lines and bold colours of Craig Parry's nature and ocean photography. 

Looking for inspiration? Browse Craig Parry's collection of nature and ocean photography   to find the perfect image to display in your Acrylic Float Frame.

Types of Acrylic Float Frames 

At Craig Parry Photography we offer two standard finishes. These are:

  1. Raw - a natural look, created using high quality Tasmanian Oak. Note that whilst similar, no two frames will be identical in this finish. 
  2. White - clean and fresh, our white frames are a versatile option and well suited to any image. 

We can also offer black or other finishes upon request.

Anything is possible

If you have any questions about our Acrylic Float Frames or other framing options, don't hesitate to contact our team for assistance

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