Sydney Opera House projection

Sydney Opera House projection

Last night Migaloo lit up an iconic landmark to launch World Oceans Day.  Driven by CollaborOCEANS, the ‘KINGDOM OF CORAL’ initiative saw me invited to join forces with respected marine conservationists and artists to celebrate exhibition patron Valerie Taylor. In doing so we aimed to promote her conservation message that ‘our marine world is a precious gift’ and raise public awareness of the impact of human actions on the ocean.

2021 World Oceans Day

For 2021, UN World Oceans Day is raising awareness of and support for the global movement to protect at least 30% of the world’s lands, waters and ocean by 2030 (30×30).  Safeguarding at least 30% through a network of highly protected areas can help us to regain a healthy ocean and climate.

The Kingdom of Coral exhibition

Craig Parry Valerie Taylor
At exactly 5:10pm on 8 July 2021, Valerie (pictured above) had the privilege to pull the switch to light up the CollaborOCEANS KINGDOM OF CORAL exhibition on the emblematic Sails of the Sydney Opera House.  Valerie Taylor is a trailblazer for marine protection zones. She won protection for many places on the Great Barrier Reef before it was given World Heritage status. The Sails lit up with her enchanting marine underwater illustrations. These depict an adventurous mermaid named Melody who is a courageous marine life guardian.

Other creatives whose works lit up the Sails include:

  • CollaborOCEANS founder and abstract ocean artist Timothy Johnston;
  • The Archibald 2019 Finalist Blak Douglas, a Dhungatti man, who has contributed a vibrant whale mural;
  • Internationally known artist James Peter Henry, whose juxtaposition of patterns is seen in his piece the ‘Great Barrier Reef’;
  • Encounters with Green Sea Turtles by award winning ocean photographer and Cannon Ambassador Charlotte Piho;
  • An intimate shot of ‘Migaloo’, the most well-known white humpback whale in Australia and the world. Image by Craig Parry the multi-award-winning ocean photographer;
  • Hayley Ballie’s magnificent ‘Lion Fish’ from the paradise reefs of Lord Howe Island;
  • And on centre-stage on the Sails – Sam Fricker. He is a Tic Tok influencer and Australian diving hopeful for the Japan Olympics. He dives across the Sails to share his clear message ‘DIVE INTO CLEAN OCEANS’.  Young people have a crucial role to play in creating a sustainable future.

Check out the Sydney Opera House Projection below: