Sony A7R Series – All Your Questions Answered

Sony A7R Series – All Your Questions Answered

Choosing the right camera and lens is a huge undertaking. With so many options on the market the choices can be overwhelming. Recently myself and fellow Sony Digital Imaging Ambassador Mark Galer sat down with Sony’s Sean Ellwood to chat about Sony’s range of A7R Series cameras and G Master lenses.

Looking at the A7RII, the A7RIII  and the A7RIV we start the conversation comparing key features between the cameras. This includes price point, resolution, frame rate, focus, battery and features.

I then discuss how the use of the A7R Series has allowed me to elevate my nature photography. Using examples from Africa and my oceanic work you’ll see how I have been able to obtain exceptional image clarity. I particularly find the Eye Tracking feature of the A7RIV to be beneficial when photographing wildlife. Within the video I will show you my current set up, and the results of using this updated feature. Additionally you will see how the increased resolution of the camera results in unparalleled detail from afar – an important consideration when photographing wildlife and a fantastic feature when wanting to print your work large format.

Mark then walks us through a detailed look at his experience using the various Sony A7R Series set ups. An exceptional photographer and photographic educator, his views on the gear are a ‘must watch’.

Throughout the conversation Sean, Mark and myself all respond to viewer questions, so who knows – you may just have your question answered too.

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Thank you to Sony and Camera House for hosting us. Stay tuned for more videos!