Wave Photography – Why We Love It

Wave Photography – Why We Love It

Out on the water amongst the immense power and beauty of the ocean. There are fewer places where Craig Parry is more at home. Since a young age Craig has been fascinated by wave photography and capturing the ocean in all of its awe inspiring glory.

Photographing waves provide endless opportunity for exploration. Imagine this – as light dances across the water’s surface, a wall of water rises to meet the sky. It then peaks and tumbles into itself creating a crashing wave. Each of these stages brings its own unique beauty and magnitude, casting shadows and reflections upon the water. From glassy turquoise banks and perfect curves that frame a subject, to the chaos created inside a wave and life below the surface. In short, the opportunities are endless.

Craig’s wave photography spans years and countries. Each shot providing a different perspective on the magnitude of the ocean and its movement. Here’s a wrap of some of our favourite perspectives.

Landscape Waves

The blend of land and ocean creates an interesting subject matter, as the breaking or swelling wave frames the landscape. As a result, everyday scenes are shown from an entirely new perspective.

Lighthouse Wave | Craig Parry Photography

Lighthouse Wave | Byron Bay - a fresh perspective of an iconic Australian landmark, the Byron Bay lighthouse, captured from nearby Wategos Beach.

Sunset Waves

Sunset is one of the most stunning times of day to capture wave photography – it is truly golden hour. When the sun is low in the sky, the light creates a breathtaking reflection on peaking waves and the ocean’s surface. Consequently we see a beautiful balance of light and shadow at play. 

The Wreck Gold | Byron Bay

Inside the Wave

Portraying the dramatic yet beautiful chaos of the crashing wave, these wave photographs are a reminder that mother nature can put on a spectacular display. Different days, alternative locations, changing conditions – each of these elements blend to create a new canvas for every wave photograph. As a result wave photography offers endless opportunity for creativity.

Curtain | Great Barrier Reef

Curtain | Great Barrier Reef

Beneath the Wave

Life beneath the surface is ever changing and abundant. From coral to creates and shells to swells, the activity occurring is dynamic and fascinating. Above all, it has to be seen to be believed. Bringing this world to people that may not have the opportunity to experience it is a driving force behind our wave photography.

Swirl | Byron Bay

Swirl – a quirky, yet calming snapshot of tumbling shells and pebbles as they are washed around by the power of a wave.

Line Up Turtles | Craig Parry Photography

Line Up Turtles – these turtles in Hawaii are part of the underwater line up to ride a perfect turquoise wave.